Students in Class Room

With the inception of Common Core standards and The No Child Left Behind Act, all educators require teaching literacy across the curriculum. Getting kids to write, especially the weaker writers, can be a challenge in itself but getting kids to write about math can be even more challenging – unless you use blogging as your literacy tactic.

Blog writing is informal, unlike academic writing, which may be intimidating to some, if not all, of your students. Blog writing takes the pressure off of writing and gives your students a voice in a safe environment, even if you or your students stepping out of your comfort zone.


Cloud Computing Class

Initiating with an introduction, Cloud Computing refers to the on-demand delivery of computer services, such as servers, database, storage, networking and even software, over the Internet with a charge on usage. The origin of cloud computing might not date more than a decade back, but the cloud technology involved has only seen new solutions and benefits to the users.


Cloud Computing Class Discussion

Shifting the traditional way of thinking of businesses about IT resources, the cloud helps to cut off on capital expenses in acquiring hardware and software, provides increased speed and agility due to availability of new IT resources on a single click, allows easy deploying of applications to multiple locations in the world at a time, and easy data backup with disaster recovery opportunities, making it one of the most popular way of computer-related services pooling.


Amaging Bolg Images Post

You are happily blogging away. Writing lots of amazing sentences, adding spectacular headings, exciting your readers with your witty prose. Once you are done, you hit publish and wait. No one notices your post! Or not enough people anyway. One way to ensure they do, is to entice them with stunning images.

In the following post you are going to learn some simple ways to make your images amazing. Get ready, hold on to your chair and read this post……….all the way to the end.